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Version 4.0 Released...

QAntrol version 4.0 has an updated look and feel, which makes the user interface even easier to use.
Some of the new features available are:

  • Web Portal
    Allows external parties to view and action Test Requests, RFIs and Transmittals.
    Automatic notification of requests and responses, which are then able to be downloaded back into the Site database. This process allows for a more collaborative approach than traditional email can provide.

  • Correspondence In and Out Registers
    Fully functional Word Processing compatible with MS Word
    Ability to setup standard Letter templates that can be applied to correspondence record data using a process similar to a mail merge.
    Track revisions of letters before they are sent.
    Link Variations to correspondence in or out.

  • Master Company Database
    Allows companies to view reports across all their projects, Eg. Quality report containing Lot statuses, NCR statuses, Test / Survey statuses etc.
    As with normal reporting these reports are able to be customised to meet individual company requirements.

  • Custom Queries and Export
    Manual or Scheduled Formatted, Complex Excel Exports
    Customers can now have custom Queries developed that can be used to view or export information from any of the QAntrol data tables in any format, making it ideal for setting up integration with existing Company systems.

  • Document Management
    QAntrol has a new Integrated Document Management System which provides an extremely user-friendly interface to scan or upload documents. These documents can either be stored in a user defined folder structure, or linked to various QAntrol records such as Lots, Test Requests etc... or both.

  • Hold / Witness Point Register
    Leveraging off the existing ITP structure Hold and Witness Points can be easily generated for works via the Lot Register, and also via the dedicated Hold / Witness Point Register. As with all requests HP/WP's can be easily emailed directly from within QAntrol to all concerned recipients.

  • Reporting Service
    A new Reporting Service is available to enable the automatic generation of reports on a user-defined schedule, to a pre-defined list of recipients.

the Software...

QAntrol is a unique program designed in collaboration with civil engineers and software developers in response to the need within the construction industry to streamline the Quality Assurance Compliance Process. QAntrol will demonstrate to your client from the day you start the project that your company’s Quality Management System is able to address all of their contract compliance needs. It will also provide an internal mechanism to monitor the progress of the Quality Implementation on your project.

The operational interfaces and reporting functions have been designed and developed by Civil Engineers with extensive Quality Management experience on major Quality Assured Projects within Australia. The program software is written, maintained and supported by professional Software Engineers experienced in both the Mining and Civil Construction environments.

QAntrol provides a simple and easy to use tool to manage complex Quality Assured Projects. The program has been designed to mirror the Quality tasks undertaken on site by Project, Site and Quality Engineers, these tasks would normally be completed using unrelated exel, word or access spreadsheets. The benefit of having information stored in one database is that it can be linked for excellent traceability and displayed to provide simple visual checks to ensure conformance management.

The QAntrol application may be installed on a Citrix or Terminal Server which will allow the application to be accessed by multiple users via an internet connection, alternatively installed on a site based server which will allow the application to be accessed by multiple users via the local network or alternatively for smaller projects installed on a stand-alone laptop or desktop computer. QAntrol is currently being used to manage quality on projects with values ranging from $1,000,000 to $350,000,000.

The QAntrol Management team are available to assist with Project Training and Set-up for your projects

Give us a try...

QAntrol is ready to be installed and supported on your project today. The QAntrol Team are available to assist with the application deployment by structured formal Training courses conducted at your premises and / or by the provision of site based support Engineers to assist your project team in early life with the setup and implementation of the Project Quality System.

what our clients say...

“QAntrol has been successful for us and it transformed our operations. With QAntrol, we have faster access to information and more advanced reporting due to automated processes, which allows us to have real time information of what is happening in the field and accomplish tasks faster with a clear vision of where we’re headed.”

Quality Manager Fulton Hogan (NSW Construction)

“MVM have been using QAntrol for a number of years, QAntrol is a good fit for the Quality Management on our projects and supports our Quality Certification. The program provides efficient and traceable Lot Management with excellent real time reporting.”

Quality and Environment Manager MVM Rail

“QAntrol is a valuable asset to Fulton Hogan Queensland as the application provides our Qld projects with the tools to meet our Clients Requirements in terms of Quality and Quantity Management.”

Quality and Environment Manager Fulton Hogan (Queensland)